The Libretto Programming Language

Libretto is a programming language specially designed for web development.
Libretto implements the conception of a single programming space: the same language for servers, clients and databases.
You don't need JS, SQL, JSON, XML to develop highly-interactive real-life web apps in Libretto.

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The Overview of Libretto

The basic features of Libretto and some spicy constructions are introduced.

How to write GuestBook without Javascript and SQL?

Creating a Libretto web app from scratch.
Libretto in a Nutshell

Small, fast and easy-to-learn

Libretto is a small and easy-to-learn language. The performance of Libretto code is the same as that of Java code.

Static programming in dynamic style

Libretto is based on a static data type system with templates and automated type inference. You can write code in an almost dynamic style, the system will check everything.

saves money, time and human resources

The same web-app can be developed in Libretto 4 times faster than in Java+JS+SQL. In Libretto one person is able to develop and maintain apps that demand a 4 person team in case of Java+JS+SQL.


Programs in Libretto are 4 times shorter than the same code in Java.


Libretto implementation is based on a Libretto Abstract Machine, which can work on any platform.


The system-dependent footprint of Libretto is extremely small: almost all Libretto libraries are written in Libretto.
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